National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) has been promoting environment friendly house construction technologies through its Rural Technology Park (RTP) across the country. These technologies not only use the locally available building materials/ appropriate technologies but are also eco-friendly, cost-effective and energy-efficient and thus climate-friendly.

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Promotion of these cost-effective construction technologies can give great fillip for accelerating provision of shelter for all through Pradhan Manthri Awas Yojana-Rural (PMAY-G). In order to catalyse the extension of these technologies, NIRD&PR has taken up demonstration of these technologies in construction of Director General Bungalow. The building also aims at making a “Bold Statement” in favour of these technologies. Number of technologies viz., Compressed Mud Blocks, Filler Slab, Rat-trap bond, mud plastering, Tandoor stone/Terra-cotta flooring, Bamboo railings/ partitions, pergolas, rain water harvesting, waste water treatment and recycling, solar energy harvesting etc., have been used in the DG Bungalow. This not only reduces the capital cost substantially but also reduces the recurring cost through thermal comfort.

The National Building Centre in RTP brings together a range of cost-effective construction technologies with variety of materials, technologies and blends the old and new techniques of construction. The technologies depicted are suitable for disaster-prone locations viz., earthquake, cyclone, fire etc. These structures are erected utilising the locally available resources and skills of the people. The cost of construction will be in the range of 25% to 30% less than that of the cost with conventional construction at that particular place. Over 40 technologies are depicted in the 15 structures in this centre. All these structures are eco-friendly and environment-friendly with green building concept

Technologies Showcased here

Rural Sanitation Park

Appropriate low cost-low water sanitation models (23 nos.), waterless urninals, bio-toilets have been placed in the RTP with the focus on three areas vis. Low cost; low water usage; and solid and liquid waste disposal for gainful agricultural & for other activities..

Water Harvesting

Established water harvesting structures by adopting the technologies such as construction of funds, tanks, field channels, contour trenching, staggered trenching, gully control structures etc., to harvest the rain water besides the showcasing of roof water harvesting.

Housing models

Over 40 technologies are depicted in the 15 structures in this centre. All these structures are eco-friendly and environment-friendly with green building concept.At Mud blocking making workshed, Compressed Stablised Earthern Block (CSEB) brick making is manufactured.

Waste management

Kitchen waste water treatment unit, Soil less cultivation, Bio-gas plant is established for awareness and adoption of such techniques for sustainable solutions.

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