Consultancy Services

The Rural Technology Park (RTP) of NIRDPR has been established with a view to uplifting the rural people in all aspects of life such as capacity building, rural employment generation and livelihood etc.

The National Building Centre in RTP, NIRDPR brings together a range of cost effective construction technologies with variety of materials technologies and blends the old and the new techniques of construction. The technologies depicted are suitable for disaster prone locations viz., earthquake, cyclone, fire etc. These structures are erected utilizing the locally available resources and skills of the people.

What can we do for you?


Technical support / guidance

The support or technical guidance will be provided to the clients and there will be general visits to the site to guide them the adoption of the technologies and to verify whether the technologies are properly being adopted in the constructions. No other supports will be provided in this category.


Providing training support

The training will be provided to the local masons where the constructions are being taken up. The construction will be done as per the existing design of the client but technical support like providing of training to the masons by calling them to RTP to get them hand holding support in adopting the technologies or the same will be provided at the site. The general visits to the sites will be there as per the need of the client. But support will be provided without any design of buildings.


Outsource of the construction

The total outsourcing of the construction of a house will be taken up including the designing of the building and execution with specialized trained masons. The work will be taken up on out right basis as per the estimate prepared for the purpose and this includes the drawing, design and suggest technologies those can be adopted. In this category as a special provision new trainees will be trained at the construction site so that any new constructions in that area can be taken up by them.


Construction aupervision

General Supervision involves the following:
# Periodic visits to site,
# Consultation with the Owner/Client,
# Interpretation of plans and specifications,
# Checking working drawings and data,
# Preparation of amendments to contractor's contract,
# Final inspection of project and
# Preparation of shop drawings.