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Centre for Geoinformatics Application in Rural Development

Centre's Mandate

Centre's Mandate

To design and develop Geospatial Technology Applications for Rural Development sector and develop skill and knowledge levels of functionaries at different levels like Project Directors, Policy level officials from the government, Non-Government, SIRDs, National and International Agencies on these applications, besides engaging in research, designing, modelling and application development of Geospatial Technology Applications for the rural development sector.


CGARD aims to assimilate all the strengths of geospatial technology namely the GIS, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System, ICT, and allied sectors, for potential application development for the rural development in emerging areas for scientific, optimum, productive, sustainable, environmental compliant, knowledge based decision support, timely and need based decision support, for faster development of rural areas and people.

Thrust Area

  • Geo-informatics Technology Applications in planning, monitoring, modelling, and decision support systems of Watershed, MGNREGA, Agriculture Development, Environmental Impact Assessment, Conservation practices, Resources Planning, Infrastructure Development and Village Planning
  • Conducting of national and international training programmes on regular basis
  • Establishment of Geo-informatics Technology Dissemination Centres in India and other developing countries
  • Academic and research guidance to M.Sc., M.Tech. final year students and Ph.D scholars in Geo-informatics
  • Online academic Geo-informatics Technology Application Programmes for field functionaries, government officials, research scholars, NGO members etc.

The CGARD renders its support to functionaries at different levels like field level officials, Central and State Government Ministries and Departments, District Level Functionaries, National and International Agencies in Geoinformatics Technology Applications in Rural Development sector and allied areas.


Dr P Kesava Rao

Associate Professor & Head

Education : B.E. (Civil); M. Tech (Remote Sensing); Ph.D (Remote Sensing)
Areas of Specialisation : Remote Sensing; GIS; GPS; Digital Image Processing applications to Land use Planning; Watershed development and Monitoring; Rural Infrastructure development; Resource planning; Large scale Mapping; LIS; Terrain Modelling and Change detection studies.
Email : kesava.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008449
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Dr N.S.R.Prasad

Assistant Professor

Education : M.Sc(Geology); M.Tech (Remote Sensing & GIS); Ph.D (Earth Sciences)
Areas of Specialisation : Geospatial Technologies (GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS); Application of Geospatial Technologies for Planning and Management of Watersheds; Natural Resource Management; Infrastructure Planning; Environmental Studies ; Rural Water Supply; LIS; Terrain Modelling and Change detection studies; Large scale Mapping; Web GIS and Village Level Planning.
Email : nsrprasad.nird[at]
Phone :
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