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Completed Research

S.No Title Study Team Year
1 Coping Strategies and Risk bearing Capacities of Small and Marginal Farmers in Rain-fed Agriculture Dr. V. Suresh Babu 2012-13
2 Effectiveness of Integrated Action Plan (IAP) in Improving Physical Infrastructure: A Process Study Dr. N. V. Madhuri 2012-13
3 Akshaya Tele-Centers for Aam Aadmi in Kerala Dr. P. Satish Chandra 2012-13
4 Impact Assessment of Community Radio on Social Development of Rural People: A Comparative Study Dr. K. P. Kumaran, Dr. Anil Takalkar, Dr. T. Rama Devi 2012-13
5 Good Practices and Interventions followed by the Gram Panchayats for Effective Delivery of Services in Select States: A Comparative Study Dr. Y. BhaskarRao 2012-13
6 Assessment of Loan Waivers on Fresh Credit Disbursements Dr. B. K. Swain 2012-13
7 A Research Study on Crisis in Small and Marginal Farming: A Study of Agrarian Relations, Public Policy and Subsistence Strategies in Andhra Pradesh (Conditions of Small Farm House Holds & Agrarian Changes in AP & Telangana: A Micro Level Study Dr. K Suman Chandra,R. V. Ramanamurthy, University of Hyderabad) 2012-13
8 Exclusion Errors and Elite Capture: A Critical Appraisal of SHG Movement Dr. NV Madhuri,Dr. Ravi Babu 2013-14
9 Study of Status of Recognition and Management of Community Rights at Community Level in Selected States Dr. V. Annamalai 2013-14
10 Efficiency of School Development and Monitoring Committees in Achieving Goals of Universalisation of School Education: A Study in Karnataka Dr. M. Sarumathy 2013-14
11 Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Community Based Monitoring System for Access to Basic Minimum Services: A Study of Different Models Dr. R. Chinnadurai and Team 2013-14
12 Nutritional Security and Equity in its Accessibility in Watershed Programmes Dr. Ch. Radhika Rani, Dr. U. Hemantha Kumar 2013-14
13 Role of Gram Panchayats in the Management of Primary Health Services in Orissa Dr. Sucharita Pujari, CHRD 2014-15
14 Assessment of work load and Human Resource in Gram Panchayats Dr. Jayalakshmi 2015-16

On-going Research

S.No Title Study Team Year
1 Performance Audit of RSETI/REDP Enterprises in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh Dr. T. G. Ramaiah 2012-13
2 Nature and Extent of Tenancy Arrangements in Godavari and Kaveri Delta Zones: A Comparative Study Dr. K. Suman Chandra & Team 2013-14
3 ITKS in CSBs; Coping Mechanisms to Address Crop Failure Dr. G. Valentina
Dr. V. Suresh Babu
4 Study on Indebtedness among IAY beneficiary households- A study in Selected Sates Dr. Y. Gangi Reddy and
Dr. P. Sivaram
5 Status of Fiscal Devolution and Decentralisation of Resources on Panchayats K. Siva Subrahmanyam, Advisor, CPR 2014-15
6 Status of Devolution of Functions, Functionaries and finances for Rural Local Bodies in Select States: Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand & Odisha Dr. Y. Bhaskar Rao, Assoc. Prof. (CPR) 2015-16
7 Democratic Decentralisation and Tribal Self Governance: A Study of Implementation of PESA Act in Two States Dr. Prathyushna Pattnaik, Asst. Prof. (CPR) 2015-16
8 Distributional Equity of Rural Drinking Water: A Study on Inclusive Service Delivery Dr. P. Sivaram
Dr. R. Ramesh
9 Livelihood Promotion through Community Based Organisations: A Study Across Six States Dr. N.V. Madhuri
Dr. Shankar Chatterjee
Dr. Hemantha Kumar
10 Participatory Irrigation Management through Water User Associations: an Assessment of some selected Irrigated Command Areas Dr. U. Hemantha Kumar
Dr. Siddayya
Dr. K. Prabhakar
11 Study of the Impact of the Climate Change on the Natural Resources and Rural Livelihoods to develop Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) using Geo-informatics Technology Dr. P. Kesava Rao
Dr. T. Phanindra Kumar
Dr. H.K. Solanki, Dr. DSR Murthy
Dr. Raj Kumar Pammi
Dr. V. Madhava Rao
12 Participatory Decentralised Planning and Inclusive Development of Marginalised Sections – An Analysis of selected better performing GPs Dr. R. Chinnadurai
Dr. R. Aruna Jayamani
13 Generation of Sustainable Village Resources Development Plans using Participatory GIS Approach (based on Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SGSY) Scheme) Dr. T. Phanindra Kumar
Dr. D.S.R. Murthy
Dr. Raj Kumar Pammi

Proposed Research

S.No Title Study Team
1 A Comparative study of SABLA scheme and Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY)on health, development and empowerment of adolescent girls. Dr. SucharitaPujari Dr. T. Vijaya Kumar
2 Impact of PESA Act, 1996 Implementation on the Self-governance in the Scheduled Areas of Garhchiroli District of Maharashtra Dr. R.R. Prasad Dr. R.K. Shrivastava
3 Impact of Extending Habitat Rights to the Baiga tribe of Madhya Pradesh State in Reducing their Vulnerabilities Dr. R.K. Shrivastava Dr. R.R. Prasad
4 Evaluation of SCSP / TSP – A Study of Andhra Pradesh &Telangana Dr. G. Valentina
5 Preparation of a Compendium of Case Studies on Best Practices and Case-teaching material in Rural Development Dr. SonalMobar Roy
6 Mahatma Gandhi NREGS Assets: Its Comprehensive Assessment Dr. G.RajaniKanth Er. H. Kurma Rao Dr. P. Anuradha Dr. S.V. Rangacharyulu and Research Team from Institute of Human Development, Eastern Centre, Ranchi
7 Demand Capturing and facilitating access to potential wage employment under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS: An explanatory research in Nalgonda district, Telangana Dr. G. RajaniKanth
8 Livelihood Analysis of Vulnerable Groups (Disabled Persons) under MGNREGS Dr. P. Anuradha
9 Safe Rural Drinking Water Supply – A Study on Reverse Osmosis Plants and Water ATMs in Selected States Prof. P. Siva Ram Dr. R. Ramesh Prof. Y. Gangi Reddy
10 Sanitation Behaviour Assessment of Households in Gram Panchayats – A Study using SafeSan Index Dr. R. Ramesh Prof. P. Siva Ram
11 Farm based Sustainable Livelihoods Practices: A Study in Two Selected States Dr. U. Hemantha Kumar Dr. P. Raj Kumar
12 Status of Land Allotted to the Poor under different Land Distribution Programmes: An Evaluation in Selected States Dr. G.V.KrishnaLohi Das
13 A Study on Convergence of IWMP with MGNREGS and its Implications Dr. Siddayya Dr. U. Hemantha Kumar Dr. K. Prabhakar Dr. G. RajaniKanth
14 Powers, Functions and Performance Gaps of DPCs in Preparation of Integrated District Planning: A status analysis Dr. R. ArunaJayamani Dr. R. Chinnadurai
15 Corporate Social Responsibility Spending Methods and Modalities: A Study on NLC and DRL Dr. R. Murugesan& Team
16 Elected Women Representatives of Grassroot (GP) level: A Study in Selected States Dr. S.N. Rao
17 Decentralised Planning at the Grassroots – Problems and Opportunities – A study in Selected States Dr. Y. Bhaskara Rao Dr. R. Chinnadurai
18 Effects of Inter-State Migration on the Socio-Economic Status of the Stone Quarry Workers and Planning for better Livelihoods Dr. R. Chinnadurai
19 Social Accountability: Application of Citizen Report Card Method in ICDS Programme Dr. C. Dheeraja Dr. K. Prabhakar
20 Study on compliance of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Audit of Scheme Rules 2011 Dr. C. Dheeraja
21 GIS Based Study of Existing Community Infrastructure and Optimum Requirements at Gram Panchayat Level for Assessment of Gaps Using Participatory and Departmental Approach: A case of Gram PanchayatHantra, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Er. H.K. Solanki Dr. P. Kesava Rao
22 A Proposal for monograph on Effective Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Sector Development Schemes / Programmes for Functionaries of State Government Departments Dr. K.P. Kumaran

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