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Centre for Good Governance & Policy Analysis

Centre's Mandate

Improving the quality of public governance, especially in rural India by creating vibrant, informed and proactive citizen engagements with the State and its institutions is the mandate of CGG&PA. It also encompasses a multi-pronged approach synthesising a range of strategies and interventions.


  • To identify governance gaps through systematic research and developing suitable social accountability tools and techniques for addressing those gaps.
  • To improve mechanisms for promoting citizen centric governance through capacity enhancement.
  • To create a platform for networking of PPP.
  • To prepare young professionals as a cadre of change agents.
  • To advocate for a social laboratory by action research.

Thrust area & scope

Service delivery assessment; participatory research on governance and social accountability of public services and programmes; policy analysis, public policy research and advocacy; promoting citizen centred governance and capacity enhancement of both the state and civil society through research, action research and consultancy efforts by organising training, workshops and seminars.

Identifying governance gaps and developing social accountability tools and techniques for improving public policy with focus on:

  • Right to Public Services (RTPS) – Institutional Reform.
  • Right to Education (RTE) – Social Reform.
  • Right to Protection of Child Rights (RTPCR) –Inclusive Reform.
  • Right to Political Participation (RTPP) – Political Reform.
  • Right to Financial Inclusion (RFI) – Economic Reform.
  • Convergence Strategies.


Dr Gyanmudra

Professor & Head

Education : MA, D.Phil Course & Ph.D (Psychology)
Areas of Specialisation : Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources; Research and Training Methods; Participatory Methods and Quantitative Techniques; Psychometric Techniques Involving Personality Assessment, Recruitment etc.; Educational Psychology/Gender issues and Entrepreneurship; Community Health;
Email : gyanmudra.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 40-24008406
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Dr K Prabhakar

Assistant Professor

Education : M.A, Ph.D (Economics)
Areas of Specialisation : Inventing new tools and techniques to strengthen better service delivery and Good Governance Practices (Developed FMA & SET tools); Using different Social Accountability Tools in different contexts; Testing the applicability of different Social Accountability Tools for different flagship programmes/schemes of the Government;
Email : kprabhakar.nird[at]
Phone :
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Dr R. Aruna Jayamani

Assistant Professor

Education : M.A (Development Administration); M.A (Human Rights); Ph.D(Women Agricultural Labour)
Areas of Specialisation : Intensive Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
Email : arunajayamani.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008520
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Dr S K Sathyaprabha

Assistant Professor

Education : MA (Public Administration), Ph.D (Public Administration)
Areas of Specialisation : Development Administration, Local Governance, Public Policy.
Email : sksathyaprabha.nird[at]
Phone :
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