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Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership & Peoples Action


Diverse organisations and individuals i.e. multi-stakeholders are in the fray to achieve the goal of inclusive and sustainable development of rural India. The stakeholders include Government Development Administration, Non-Government Organisations, Cooperative Societies, Voluntary agencies and Public and Private sector enterprises, Corporates etc. The Section 135 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013 formalised the contribution of the Corporates of particular size and income, under the caption “Corporate Social Responsibility”, for social development investment. Such corporates are mandated to invest 2% of last 3 years average net profits on CSR activities as specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 and as amended from time to time. Since then, wide range of initiatives have been taken by the Corporates and made substantial contribution for the development of rural India.

However, the feedback available so far on the impact of the initiatives under CSR is mixed one. It is felt that there is an urgent need to create a platform for assisting the Corporates, building the capacity of the functionaries engaged in CSR, helping them to identify most needy and sustainable interventions for them to invest and bring a change for the people, enable to make sustainable projects and facilitate their implementation through peoples participation and bringing behaviour changes among the beneficiaries. The CSR activities can multiply their outcomes by adequately converging with other initiatives/programs of the State and Central Governments.

Keeping this in mind, the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRD&PR), Hyderabad, an apex organisation under MoRD, GoI intends to work with all players engaged in voluntary action, CSR and Peoples Action on the themes of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action’ by converging with Panchayati Raj Institutions and all the Rural Development functionaries in the country. It is believed that such convergent approach will provide a potential answer/strategy to the upliftment of the rural poor. Further, it would throw a light on facilitating the development processes by ensuring people’s involvement on public spending and partnership with private players for triumphing inclusive development in the rural areas. The ‘Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action’ under NIRDPR intends to work towards this.


To become a platform for voluntary action including Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action in the country through connecting, enabling, assisting and coordinating all players for sustainable rural development in the country.


To converge the efforts of public and private initiatives in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action by building their capacities, providing Project Management Support and assessing the impact of the initiatives for mid-course correction and providing policy inputs for the overall development of the rural areas and enable provision of basic services to the people, create opportunities in rural areas to realize the full potential of each of the citizen, strengthening the decentralized and Community Based Organisations for sustainable rural development in the country. The centre will be “one stop shop” for the services of all Corporate Social Responsibility interventions in the rural development area.


  1. To organize National and International level training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences on Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action for various stakeholders.
  2. To create and establish a platform for confluence and partnership with corporate business houses, rural development and panchayati raj functionaries, civil society organisations, educational and capacity building institutions for sharing knowledge, skills and expertise and taking up joint programs for capacity building for social responsibility, regulations and inclusive growth.
  3. Undertake project formulation and/or implementation and impact assessment of various CSR initiatives for mid-course correction and achievement of effective outcomes.
  4. To undertake short and long term studies pertaining to policy research on matters impacting on Corporate functioning, social service delivery mechanisms and other allied areas of interest so as to enable innovative PPP and CSR governance solutions for inclusive development and growth.
  5. Create case studies relevant to the areas for effective program implementation, including international success stories for adoption.
  6. To initiate action research on innovative, community-oriented micro projects / entrepreneurship models by seeking to integrate the SHGs and Panchayati Raj Institutions across the country for new models of development.
  7. To document and archive best and innovative practices of CSR and Public Private Partnerships, Nationally and Internationally, on inclusive rural development with community participation, publication and dissemination of the same.
  8. To function as “One Stop Shop” platform for the Corporates on all CSR related activities and create an ecosystem to bring convergence of various rural development initiatives in the country.
  9. To coordinate with private partners and corporate giants to provide and disseminate new technologies to the rural areas that benefit SHGs, youth and other stakeholders

Man Power

The Center is led by Professor & Head with supporting faculty and consultants. Highly qualified academic and research faculty of NIRDPR will provide required services.

About the Institute

The National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, an autonomous organisation of the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, is a premier for training and research in the field of rural development in the country, seeks to improve the socio economic wellbeing of rural people. It’s teaching, training, research and action research functions have symbiotic relationships and play key role in identifying the factors contributing to the effectiveness of all rural development programs and help build the capacities of a large number of development functionaries. The institute provides consultancy services in training and research and more particularly in monitoring and evaluation of programs of various ministries, state governments, international organisations and externally funded projects.

The Institute has good infrastructure to training senior and middle level development functionaries engaged in policy formulation, management and implementation of rural development programs; and these are intended to create knowledge base, develop skills and infuse right attitudes and values on the various flagship programs of the government. It could achieve a high level of satisfaction by evolving and adopting new training methods and techniques on a concurrent basis. The Institute has mandated to help and build training capacity of its link network institutions such as State Institutes of Rural Development (SIRDs) and Regional Institutes of Rural Development (RIRDs). Besides, the Institute conducts several international training programs sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Rural Development. Annually, NIRD&PR trains about 30,000 participants through its multi-disciplinary and specialized rural development programs.

This institute is known for its multi-disciplinary approach for evaluation and has faculty strength of over 100 members housed in 25 different centres. Among the various facets of NIRD&PR’s interest such as livelihoods promotion, entrepreneurship development, technology transfer, rural housing, drinking water and sanitation, rural roads/connectivity and infrastructure development, rural financial management systems, agrarian studies and natural resource management, disaster management and mitigation, decentralised planning, panchayati raj and good governance etc., the Public Private Partnership, Peoples Action and the Corporate Social Responsibilities are the sensible and foremost. Sensitising the functionaries and policy makers in the above areas, shaping and training leaders in development, encouraging activities to involve themselves in implementation, carrying out indepth research activities and conducting conferences and workshops at various levels are the modes of delivery.

The Institute has provided services on consultancy basis in the form of specific training on demand from Public Sector Undertakings, Corporate Houses, National and International service organisations. Many CSR Executives were trained through such national level programs with one week duration for the public sector undertakings such as BHEL, NMDC, ONGC, IOC, Airports Authority of India, Cochin Shipyard Corporation etc., on CSR in Rural Development. This encouraged us to organise regular four week International Training program on Corporate Social Responsibility in Community Development for the developing economies.

NIRD&PR, a think-tank for the Ministries of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, established an exclusive Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership and Peoples Action (CSR, PPP & PA) by recognizing the rich contributions of private and corporate giants in the rural development sector and the Centre will function as ‘Nodal Centre’ for engaging the Leaders in business, Panchayati Raj Functionaries, Government Development Administration, Non-Government Organisations, Cooperative Societies, Voluntary agencies, Public and Private Sector Enterprises and all other stakeholders in policy dialogue and advocacy for better involvement of these players towards inclusive development of the country.


Professor & Head (CSR, PPP & PA)

NIRD&PR, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 500 030 (India)

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