Name : Dr Ch. Radhika Rani
Education : Ag MSc. Ph D (Agrl Economics)
Experience : 16 Years
Email : radhikarani.nird[at]
Phone : (+91) 040-24008559
Mobile :

Areas of Specialisation

Institutions in Agriculture, Agrarian Relations, Agriculture and Nutrition Security linkages and Natural Resource Management.

Professional Affiliation

  • Agricultural Economics Research Association (AERA)

  • Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics (IJAE)

Publications/articles/cases/reviews ( Numbers )

Research Reports - 7

Articles –

International (Journals) - 6

National (Journals and Chapters in Books) – 29

Book Reviews - 11


2015-16: NABARD Consultancy Project on “ Agrarian distress , Coping Mechanisms and Ramifications of Debt Waiver Scheme “ Principal Investigator.

2014-15: NIRD&PR Research Project on `Nutritional Security and Equity in its Access in Watershed programmes' - Project Director.

Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Department of Land Resources (DoLR) Study on ‘Non Performance of Watershed Programmes : Pre IWMP - Project Coordinator (Ongoing).

2013-14: Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Department of Land Resources (DoLR) Study on `Performance of Institutional set up at SLNA/WCDC under IWMP', - Coordinator.

2012-13: MoRD, DoLR Study on `Monitoring and Evaluation of IWMP of Maharashtra', - Coordinator.

2011-13: MoRD, DoLR Study on `Comprehensive Study of Impact of Investments in Watersheds' - Coordinator.

2008-09 to 2010-11: NAIP consultancy Research Project on `Public Private Partnership in Agriculture and Livelihood Projects' , Consortium Partner NAARM, ICAR – World Bank – Project Coordinator.

2010-11: NIRD&PR Research Project on `Land Reforms and Agrarian Relations in AP' - Project Director.

2007-2009: Ministry of Agriculture, Consultancy Project on ‘Monitoring of RKVY for AP and Maharashtra' - Coordinator.

2008-09: NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Status of Land Reforms - A Study across States’, - Coordinator.

2008-09: NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Status of Land allotted to the Poor under Various Government Schemes - An Evaluation in Selected States’ - Project Director.

2007-08: NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Food Security for the Poor through State Intervention – A Study across the States’ - Coordinator.

2006-07: NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Comparative Study of Institutional Arrangements and Farming systems: Viable Options for Small and Marginal Farmers’, - Project Director.

2004-05: NIRD&PR Research Project on `Risk, Vulnerability and Coping Mechanisms in Rainfed Agriculture', - Project Director.

NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Agrarian Relations and Rural Poverty in Post Reforms Period – A Study in Bihar and Orissa’ - Project Coordinator

2003-04: NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Micro Level Experiments in Food Security’- Coordinator NIRD&PR Research Project on ‘Environment and Sustainable Agriculture in Drought / Prone Areas – A Case Study in AP’ - Project Director.

Workshops/Conferences attended

Paper Presentations in Seminars / Workshops - 14

Conferences / Workshops Organised: 13

Trainings Conducted

Conducted 55 training programs in the areas of

  1. Sustainable Agriculture Practices in rainfed regions

  2. Natural Resource Management

  3. Drought management

  4. Agri Entrepreneurship

Invited Talks / Presentations

‘Leveraging Institutions for the Collective Voice of the Farmers’, National Seminar on ‘Emerging Challenges of Indian Agriculture with Special Reference to Institutional Credit and Farm Distress’ at CSD Delhi, June 6-7, 2013

‘Food and Nutritional Security in India – A Situational Analysis’ National seminar on ‘Leveraging Food and Nutritional Security for the Malnourished Children’, World Vision, India, April 18-19, 2012

‘SEZ and Land Acquisition’ National Symposium on ‘Agrarian Occupational Transformation in India and Issues of Rural Livelihood’ by LBS Academy Missouri, 2-13 August, 2009

Honours / Awards:

Chowdary Charan Singh Gold Medal and The Agro-Economic APAU Research Gold Medal for securing highest Overall Grade Point Average (OGPA) in the Department of Agricultural Economics, ANGRAU in 1993.


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