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Student Corner

"The PGDRDM course enhances employability of the students. The faculty are exceptionally knowledgeable and style of the teaching is very good. The examinations are well-designed and the field experiences are awe-inspiring. The 45-day internships provide a launching pad to work in a job situation"

Currently posted as Officer, CSR, OCL India Ltd., Odisha

- Gyana Ranjan Sarangi (PGDRDM Batch 4)

“The courses were very good and effective. The biggest advantage was that people who are sectoral experts having practical knowledge were our resource persons. What they taught us was purely based out of experience and not any text book. Regular field visits along with flied work based assignments helped us a lot in understanding the field realities and also in analysing our strengths and weaknesses. The 45 days internship was very useful since we were given realtime projects, the reports for which we prepared mattered to the development planners.”

Currently posted as Constituency Development Fellow (CDF) with the Member of Parliament from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

- Krishna Uppaluri (PGDRDM Batch 9)

"I understood from my stay at NIRD is that, in order to be an efficient facilitator for development one has to be trustworthy of the community. Then it is essential to make people feel that they are not mere ‘beneficiaries’, rather they are ‘partners’ of development. Once such partnership is achieved, ownership automatically exists, and when people start owning interventions, the likelihood of success as well as sustainability rises."

Currently posted as Veterinary Officer, Govt. of West Bengal.

- Krishna Prasad Mukherjee (PGDRDM Batch 1)

"My one year stint in NIRD was packed with new learning and a broadening of my horizon. The PGDRDM course initiates your entry into the development sector, through its theoretical framework approach, organizing field visits and facilitation an environment of active interaction with key personnel engaged in the development sector. The wide array of courses offered ensure that the students get a glimpse of the various aspects involved in management, with a special emphasis on rural development management…. field visits offer an insight to what lays in store for those who seek active engagement in this sector. The 45-day internship programme allows students to explore the field further and enriches their organizational experience… The course is highly recommended for students who have a strong inclination to engage in the development sector and implement development projects."

Worked in ICICI RSETI, Jodhpur as Programme Coordinator and now preparing for PG in Economics

- Anjali T. John (PGDRDM Batch 7)


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