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Spring Board for Voluntary Action by N.R.Is, Philanthropists, Corporates

Spring Board for Voluntary Action by N.R.Is, Philanthropists, Corporates

Philanthropic effort for giving back to the society is an innate quality of every human being. Numerous personalities, who have grown to the “zenith” of their career/life and made enough of wealth for their family, have a burning urge to contribute to the “Society” because of which they have become so great in their lives, by taking up programmes/activities of helping their villages, creating infrastructure for the development of the rural society. Such successful people who have settled down either within the country or abroad have been taking up philanthropic activities across the country. The Indian Society is grateful to their services and on their behalf National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj (NIRDPR) express their gratitude for all those great personalities who have been making substantial contribution for the development of India with a special focus on rural society development through their multifarious philanthropic approaches.

Many a times they do not find right platform for their contributions or they get bogged down with procedures and get vexed up. In such cases their investment is getting wasted as the critical requirements of the village / society get missed out. Their effort and investment at times become duplication with the ongoing government initiatives. Owing to the above reasons the complementary impact of their investment due to absence of convergence with the ongoing government initiatives at various levels is not adequately felt at grass-root level.

NIRDPR being an apex Institution for coordinating various capacity building and training activities related to rural development, skill improvement, rural infrastructure creation etc. wishes to become a platform for all voluntary / philanthropic effort of the well- meaning personalities from within India and abroad. NIRDPR invests itself to assist these great personalities or organisations to become their stepping stone for effective contribution through their philanthropic activities. We also like to take part jointly in their activities, wherever it is necessary to create bigger impact. NIRDPR also intends to assist the philanthropists in evolving a “bottom up decentralised planned development” so as to funnel their resources and effort to fill the critical gaps so that the overall impact in terms of the development of rural landscape will be multiplied.

NIRDPR would like to make this platform available through the “Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Private Partnership & People’s Action (CSR, PPP & PA)”, to all NRIs/Philanthropists, Corporates etc.

We welcome you to contact / connect with NIRDPR through Dr.Murugesan, Professor & Head of Centre for CSR, PPP & PA at email:, (Mobile) 8500085008, Phone: 24008445.


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